Interested in Collaborating on a GRADE Ancillary Study?

Please contact the GRADE Coordinating Center for more information or for proposal submissions. 

Documents for Prospective Researchers on Ancillary Studies Proposals:

  1. GRADE Ancillary Studies and Sub-studies Policy
  2. Procedures for Ancillary Study Proposal Submission
  3. Deadlines for Ancillary Proposal Submissions for Review
  4. GRADE Ancillary Study or Sub-study Review Process
  5. GRADE Publications and Presentations Policy
  6. GRADE Ancillary and Sub-study Data Access



Coordinating Center

The GRADE Coordinating Center is located at The
George Washington University Biostatistics Center
in  Rockville, Maryland.  For any study questions, please contact the Coordinating Center webmaster.


Press Releases


Technical Support

GRADE study members should contact the GRADE webmaster with any problems logging on or accessing documents from the website.